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Hello, here’s the long-overdue update on the shows. We took a little break from touring which was incredibly fun but, as they say, duty calls again. But this year we are planning a bit different tour. In the next few months we are going to tour in Europe. The schedule is not yet finalized but we will have a few concerts in France (home of 2016 European Football Championships), Italy (best place to play poker as reported by GoWild Casino Mobile , Germany (#1 destination for refugees), Austria (home of world-known composers as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger). Possibly, we will also visit Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Russia but the deals are not yet finalized. Keep in mind, the reason why I said it will be a bit different, is because we are not going for big crowds. These will be mainly acoustic concerts for up to 100 people each. This is because we have a new album coming out and we want to try new songs and arrangements with smaller crowds first. I’ll post an update when the tickets are be available but as the seats are very limited, don’t wait too long to book the shows you want to attend.


Hey everyone, It's Sean here, just giving you all a well deserved update. If you have checked the TREOS livejournal lately, you know what the guys have been up to the past week. If you haven't checked it then I recommend you do. Moving on. Over the weekend we met some quite cool people. Two of them, Kezia and Jill, expressed interest in starting a TREOS street team. That's just something we can't turn down. So let it be known that TREOS has a posse. If you are interested in joining us to spread the TREOS love please email me at [email protected] with the subject, TREOS Street Team. In the body of the email include your full name, address, email, birthdate (so we can send you presents), how many shows you go to on average per month, and your 3 favorite bands. That's about all I've got for now. There are some great shows coming up including 2 shows with Miracle Of 86 and Sorry About Dresden. They are in Boston and New Jersey on July 7th and 9th respectively. I recommend checking these shows out. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from everyone willing to help!

Sean and TREOS


Hey kids...the guys have asked me to update the list of shows, they begged me to do it tonight and I feel really bad but I can't..tomorrow they'll be updated, however. Sorry..finals are coming up so of course I get bombarded with sexy projects. So I'll post/change those tomorrow. Catch you kids later.

- Stacey


Hey everyone! As I said recently, we've been busy booking and of course, playing shows, along with trying to get merch ordered, writing new songs, paying silly website fines and trying to get the kinks worked out with our original site while we keep news and show dates posted on our temporary one. I just want to say thanks to every single person who has seen our band play live since March and/or downloaded our songs. This band has made a dream a reality for me personally, and I love every person that rocks out at our shows just as much as I love playing in this band. It really means alot to all of us to see people reacting positively to our music, and I can't emphasize that enough. With that said, allow me to get down to business-

On JUNE 16th, we are playing a show at The Luxx in Brooklyn ( This show is going to be a very big night for us lads in TREOS. It is a label showcase for some people who could really make a difference in our band getting the backing we need to take this band where we want to take it. Seeing how we feed off the crowd, the more friends and fans we have there singing along and rocking out, the more crazy we go, and well, you know what that means... Basically we want to have the best show possible to show these folks how TREOS gets down- And we can't get down without you gals and guys. So let's make it happen! If you need directions, we suggest, and you can get the Luxx address right here right now. CLUB LUXX- 256 Grand Street, Williamsburg, NY. 11211 ...All of our AIM and email contacts are FINALLY on the site as you can see, so don't hesitate to drop us a line, even if u just want to say hello, or offer some feedback.

Well that's all for now. Be sure to come back and check the site for frequent updates, hear the songs on, and get the scoop on all the latest goings-on in the TREOS livejournal! Hope to see y'all real soon. Until then, take care of yourselves and each other.

Andrew & The Receiving End of Sirens


Hello everyone. It's been about a week now, so I thought I should let you know what's been happening in TREOS land. We had a great time in Reading, MA last night with Ice Nine, Header, Kung Fu Masta, and of course The Drive. It was nice to play with those guys finally. They tore it up, and Martin is doing a great job as the new frontman. All the other bands rocked out as well, and we were as always happy to see a bunch of familiar faces. Thanks to everyone who made it out to see us. We hope to see you all again soon. As for band news, we have a lot of exciting things to look forward to this summer. We are booking like crazy still, mostly thanks to the hardest working manager in the industry, who is helping us book for the time being, Sean Gordon. We're not even kidding. I honestly don't think Sean sleeps at night. Sometimes I lay awake at night and wonder... But anyway! We will have tons of new dates to post on the site soon, and I do mean TONS. Hopefully we will soon fix the problems with our original site and get the crime scene back in action. Be sure to hit up the TREOS livejournal in your free time ( and tell us what's on your minds. Don't be skerrrred... Fear not folks- I shall return again soon with another riveting update to quench your undying thirst for my incessant ramblings. Until then, take care of yourselves.

Andrew & The Receiving End of Sirens


Hello everyone. As you can see, the site looks quite different than before. This is because we have been paying excessive fines to the webhosting company for far exceeding our bandwidth capabilities. [I'll pretend I know what that means...] Apparently we have been transferring too much data on the site, which we were unaware of, so we just had to cancel our plans to order new shirts and cough up $210 for the fine...this is disappointing to say the least. ANYWAY, our wonderful webmaster Stacey, or "my goddess" as I like to call her, speedily put together this very very temporary site so that we could keep y'all informed of the latest goings-on in TREOS Land. We are booking shows like it's our job, and we will be posting updates on those shows as soon as we can get details. We also just got our pins in the mail, so be sure to pick yourselves up one or two at the next show. Within the next couple weeks we'll be getting our stickers in as well, which is yet another check mark in the "good things" column to take my attention away from the horrendous website fine that is currently hogging the "bad things" column.

We will have a new version of the real site up within the next few weeks that will be running much more efficiently than the last, enabling Stacey to actually be able to post updates on everything from shows to pictures. We are really looking forward to that, and we hope you are too. If this just isn't enough for you, be sure to head on over to and catch up on all your latest band gossip, courtesy of our wonderful fans. Don't be shy! Go let your voices and opinions be heard... Well that's about it for now folks. If you have any questions/comments/show offers/marriage proposals, feel free to drop any of us a line now that we ALL have our contact info available right here on the site. Tune in next week. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

Much Love, Andrew & The Receiving End of Sirens

June 27
St. Colman's Lower Church - Brockton, MA
42 Wendell Ave.
Doors @ 5:30 PM - $6
w/ Staring Back, Halifax, Hold This Moment, Overnight Remedy

June 28
The Empress Ballroom - Danbury, CT
w/ Staring Back and Halifax

July 2
Boston Waves - Salisbury, MA
w/ Dropout, I, Changing Skin, Dead Friend, Angry Hill

July 3
Zone 13 - Queens, NY
Doors @ 8, Show @ 9 - $5
w/ The Sleeping (x Skycamefalling members), Mabus, With Every Idle Hour

July 7
TT The Bears - Cambridge, MA
18+ - Doors @ 8:30 PM
w/ Miracle Of 86 and Sorry About Dresden

July 9
Maxwells - Hoboken, NJ
w/ Sorry About Dresden and Miracle of 86

July 11th
Rochester, Ny @ Rocket Coffee 8PM
171 Monroe Ave.
w/ Opus and more
[email protected] for info

July 15th
Cleveland, Oh @ The Shelter 7:30PM
4231 Fulton Road.
w/ Hope and Suicide, Local A.M., and more

July 16th
Muskegon, Mi @ Rock Harbor Cafe 8PM
1937 Lake Shore Dr.
w/ bands TBA

July 17th
Milwaukee, Wi @ Jake's House
2753 Pierce St.
w/ bands TBA
[email protected]

July 19
The Post - Goshen, IN
301 E. Lincoln Ave.
w/ Crusoe, The Junior Varsity, and Citizen Drake

July 20th
Madison, In @ Fizz's Bike Shop
411 West St.
w/ Hope and Suicide and more
[email protected]

July 25th
Richmond, Va @ Nanci Raygun 4PM
929 W. Grace St.
w/ Riding Bikes, Races For April, and more

July 29th
Vineland, Nj @ The Semper Marine
w/ bands TBA
[email protected]

August 7th
Staten Island, Ny @ Dock St.
w/ Valandora, Your Day Strong, Face To Flames, and more

August 28th
Long Island, Ny @ NY
w/ Coffe Bar, Faster like never
before, Blame Others, more at

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